Beauty and the Beast Cast Trip

Beauty and the Beast Cast Trip
The Beauty and the Beast Cast Field TripOn Friday April 1st, New Hope Academy’s drama staff and students took a trip over to the Quakerbridge Mall for a day full of fun. The cast of Beauty and the Beast participated in their own cooking class at Sur La Table, where they made French pastries in theme of their upcoming production. The chiefs taught everyone how to use the various...
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World Chess Champion Cristian Chirila visits NHA

Cristian Chirila
See the press release video in the Courier Times!On March 22, 2016, New Hope Academy will have the great honor of hosting yet another former World Chess Champion. In 2011, five time Olympic chess champion Susan Polgar came to NHA to talk to the students about the relationship between the strategies of chess and our lives. This year, former World Champion and Grand Master Cristi...
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NHA Choir Visits UPenn Counterparts

 On Friday, March 4, 2016 the NHA choir took a trip to Philadelphia to participate in a workshop with the Penn Counterparts. First, the students, along with Dave Boyd, Cameron Stahl, Jenna Parrilla and Eric Jaber ate a hearty lunch at the New Deck Tavern. Next, the men of the Penn Counterparts, a nationally recognized acapella group took the choir on a tour of the Univer...
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New Hope Academy Ski Trip – 2016

On Friday, February 26, 2016, New Hope Academy braved the frigid temperatures and whipping winds and took to the slopes for its annual ski trip at Blue Mountain, located in Palmerton, PA. Students from the Yardley campus met at 7:30 to board the luxurious Starr bus, where they could rest and relax before a day of physical endurance. After driving to the Doylestown campus, where...
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What is Art?

Art is one of the best medicines. There is no better way to get your emotions out than to unleash them on a piece of paper or canvas. It comes invarious forms and is free for interpretation. It is something that has never been created before. Art is intended to be looked at in more waysthan one, and does not come with guidelines. This means that being an artist doesn’t meant th...
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Exploited refugees

Child trafficking
Just three days ago a Guardian article reported a shocking 10,000 child refugees were unaccounted for after arriving in Europe. Europol's chief of staff, Brian Donald says that not all of them will be subjected to criminal activity, but one can only guess. Thousands of minors have gone missing- 1,000 in Sweden and 5,000 in Italy alone. The UK is concerned about asylum seekers b...
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Why We Need Feminism

Gender Equality
Feminism is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” There are many misconceptions on what feminism actually is, people let stereotypes inform their view on this subject, instead of educating themselves. Although we have made great strides in the fight for equality, we are nowhere near finished.On average, women that work full time are paid 21...
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Does Pop Culture Deserve Serious Study?

Pop Culture Collage
  In the article Does Pop Culture Deserve Serious Study? by Holly Epstein Ojalva, many questions are raised about reality television shows and other forms of pop culture. Ojalva talks mostly about the reality television show Jersey Shore. Many people wonder what the point of reality television is; if it’s just for fun or if there’s a deeper meaning to it. Some reality shows mig...
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Are We Losing The Art of Listening?

In one ear out the other
A response by Nadiya Greaser “We have two ears and one tongue, to listen twice as much as we speak.” This African proverb certainly sounds nice, but does it hold true in our society today? In his article, “The Art of Listening,” Henning Mankell writes that while listening is a guiding principle for African culture, it is an idea that has been lost in the chatter of the Wes...
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Why Netflix?

Netflix logo 2
Most of the TV shows I watch aren’t even on TV, I watch them on Netflix. I prefer to use this website for streaming content, rather than TV for many reasons. There isn’t much need for cable anymore, when you can just turn on your laptop, iPad, phone, etc. and have different options to choose from. There aren’t commercials, there isn’t a certain time you need to tune in, and you...
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