Benefits to School Districts

State Licensed & Approved

Licensed & Approved by the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey; a licensed private school, and an Approved Private Provider of Alternative Education services to Disruptive Youth (AEDY) by the Pennsylvania Department of Education

Top Curriculum

State of the art curriculum combined with cooperative learning, hands on application, and other developmentally appropriate practices.

Flexible Placement

NHA has an open enrolment policy.  Students are accepted for full or half day instruction, on a temporary or permanent basis. Students admitted for AEDY services are admitted on a full time basis only, in compliance with statute and departmental regulations, and are helped to progress to transition back to the traditional educational settings of their home districts.

 All Students are Considered

We have committed to giving each child an opportunity for a second, third, or fourth chance.  However, students must be able to meet our expectations and maintain respect for themselves, the people they work with, and the building in which they work in order to stay at NHA.

Professional Partnerships

NHA/METC staff works professionally and pleasantly with each school’s administrators to coordinate each child’s placement.  We all work together to accomplish the goal of finding a way to help each child grow and learn by doing WHATEVER IT TAKES!

NHA Forms Partnerships With Local School Districts & Parents to Meet the Needs of Area Youth.