What is Art?

Art is one of the best medicines. There is no better way to get your emotions out than to unleash them on a piece of paper or canvas. It comes invarious forms and is free for interpretation. It is something that has never been created before. Art is intended to be looked at in more waysthan one, and does not come with guidelines. This means that being an artist doesn’t meant th...
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Are We Losing The Art of Listening?

In one ear out the other
A response by Nadiya Greaser “We have two ears and one tongue, to listen twice as much as we speak.” This African proverb certainly sounds nice, but does it hold true in our society today? In his article, “The Art of Listening,” Henning Mankell writes that while listening is a guiding principle for African culture, it is an idea that has been lost in the chatter of the Wes...
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Why Netflix?

Netflix logo 2
Most of the TV shows I watch aren’t even on TV, I watch them on Netflix. I prefer to use this website for streaming content, rather than TV for many reasons. There isn’t much need for cable anymore, when you can just turn on your laptop, iPad, phone, etc. and have different options to choose from. There aren’t commercials, there isn’t a certain time you need to tune in, and you...
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