NHA Presents Up the Down Staircase

Cast of Up The Down Staircase
Riiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg ... Went the final school bell on New Hope Academy's closing production of UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE this past Saturday night at the Yardley Community Center.     16 student actors, and 5 musicians and tech crew members wrapped the comedic performance in front of an enthusiastic audience made up of parents, family, teachers, friends and NHA alumnae.           ...
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Springfest 2015 Performance Videos

The performances from this year's New Hope Academy Springfest have been uploaded. Enjoy revisiting the variety of talent that these amazing NHA students put on display at the Yardley Community Center! Springfest is NHA's semi annual talent showcase, and this year's presentation was fantastic! Following closely on the heels of "The Sound of Music" did not take any steam a...
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