Does Pop Culture Deserve Serious Study?

Pop Culture Collage
  In the article Does Pop Culture Deserve Serious Study? by Holly Epstein Ojalva, many questions are raised about reality television shows and other forms of pop culture. Ojalva talks mostly about the reality television show Jersey Shore. Many people wonder what the point of reality television is; if it’s just for fun or if there’s a deeper meaning to it. Some reality shows mig...
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Are We Losing The Art of Listening?

In one ear out the other
A response by Nadiya Greaser “We have two ears and one tongue, to listen twice as much as we speak.” This African proverb certainly sounds nice, but does it hold true in our society today? In his article, “The Art of Listening,” Henning Mankell writes that while listening is a guiding principle for African culture, it is an idea that has been lost in the chatter of the Wes...
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Why Netflix?

Netflix logo 2
Most of the TV shows I watch aren’t even on TV, I watch them on Netflix. I prefer to use this website for streaming content, rather than TV for many reasons. There isn’t much need for cable anymore, when you can just turn on your laptop, iPad, phone, etc. and have different options to choose from. There aren’t commercials, there isn’t a certain time you need to tune in, and you...
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New York Trip – 2015

 New Hope Academy students and staff took a bite out of the Big Apple on Wednesday, December 9, for the annual field trip to New York City. After meeting at the Yardley campus bright and early at 7:00 am, everyone boarded two Starr buses and took to the open road. Our first stop was the Columbus Circle Holiday Market, located right outside of Central Park. There, everyone coul...
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Rock Climbing Trip

By: Chris Martin On December 3rd, 2015, 9 students from New Hope Academy’s Yardley campus attended the Fall 2015 Rock Climbing Trip with Mark Beuerle and Caryn Search for a day of fun climbing walls with rocks. The students who attended, Eric Branchek, Alex Goodkind, Evan Meyers, Austin Makatura, Chris Martin, Taylor Cseplo, Nathan Tatar, Lexi McGinty and Eddie Karklis, couldn'...
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NHA Presents Up the Down Staircase

Cast of Up The Down Staircase
Riiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg ... Went the final school bell on New Hope Academy's closing production of UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE this past Saturday night at the Yardley Community Center.     16 student actors, and 5 musicians and tech crew members wrapped the comedic performance in front of an enthusiastic audience made up of parents, family, teachers, friends and NHA alumnae.           ...
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“Up the Down Staircase” Cast Trip- 2015

BY: BENJAMIN KIM On November 10th 2015 New Hope Academy’s cast of Up the Down Staircase visited the Walnut Street Theater for a tour and acting workshop. The day was beautiful and the ride to the theater held much anticipation for what the day held for us. Upon arrival at the theater, we took a tour. We met our tour guide Ashley, who showed us the ins and out. During our tour w...
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Princeton Day School Chess Tournament

Congratulations to the New Hope Academy Chess team who competed this weekend at the Princeton Day School Chess Tournament. Evan Myers, a veteran of the NHA Chess team took first place, finishing undefeated with 2.5 points out of 3 in the Under 1400 section. Impressively it was the first Chess tournament for two new members of the NHA Chess team!We'll have a full writeup on the ...
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Pawn Sacrifice- Chess Club Screening

On Wednesday, October 30th, 2015, New Hope Academy’s Chess Club went to see the movie Pawn Sacrifice. Nine students went in total, along with Bela, the chess teacher; Dan, a graduate from New Hope Academy; and Kathy Rosso-Gana, the founder of the school. All the students met in Bela’s room at 11:15, where they went over a game by chess player Bobby Fischer. They then l...
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