Why Netflix?

Netflix logoMost of the TV shows I watch aren’t even on TV, I watch them on Netflix. I prefer to use this website for streaming content, rather than TV for many reasons. There isn’t much need for cable anymore, when you can just turn on your laptop, iPad, phone, etc. and have different options to choose from. There aren’t commercials, there isn’t a certain time you need to tune in, and you can watch as much you want, one episode after another.

With Netflix, you can watch shows that aren’t on television anymore. You can enjoy shows that are no longer making new episodes. There are shows such as Friends, Gilmore Girls, and The Office, that you can watch for the first time or even rewatch. You can watch them quickly, instead of waiting for new episodes to come each week, or waiting several months for a new season to come.

There is also original content, shows that air just on Netflix. This gives you the opportunity to experience new content on a different kind of medium. There is a wide variety of different types of shows, drama, comedy, sci-fi, etc. Full seasons air at a time, giving you the ability to watch it however fast or slow you’d like to.  There is a show that will appeal to everyone.

Netflix is filled with independent films, that most likely you would have never watched before if you hadn’t seen it on this website. You can search your favorite actresses or actors, and find movies that you didn’t even know existed. Netflix textIt’s enjoyable going through the different categories of movies and finding one you might like. There are also informational documentaries, on any topic you might be interested in.

As the internet becomes more prominent, users are coming to Netflix to get their TV show fix. There are positives to using this website instead of paying for cable. Netflix gives you the opportunity to stream great content, for a cheaper price than cable. I will and many others will continue to use Netflix instead of TV.

By Alexa Martini