Benefits to School Districts

New Hope Academy is D.O.E. Licensed in PA to Grant Diplomas, and Out of District Placement Approved in NJ. Grades 6-12.

Competitive Curriculum & Small Class Size

NHA follows state-of-the-art technology and cooperative learning styles. We adhere to state standards for the core curriculum of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The small class size, including one-on-one when necessary, allows teachers time to instruct students, not only in content area, but also in coping strategies. Peer pressure and teacher confrontations, therefore, become minimal.

Flexible Placement

Open enrollment is available for full or half-day instruction on a temporary or permanent basis. We are open to meeting any school district’s needs for placement, regardless of the circumstances.

Motivational Specialists

NHA specializes in educating at-risk teens, school-phobic children, and all adolescents who, for whatever reason, are not thriving in their traditional schools.

  • Kids Not Thriving in Traditional School
  • Teens Who Feel They Just Don’t Fit
  • Creative Individualists
  • Students with Social / Emotional Issues
  • Academic & Anxiety Related Disorders
  • Full Time Therapists
  • College Counseling
  • Open Enrollment
  • IEP’s

All Students are Considered

We have committed to giving each child an opportunity for a second, third, or fourth chance.  However, students must be able to meet our expectations and maintain respect for themselves, the people they work with, and the building in which they work in order to stay at NHA.

Professional Partnerships

The NHA staff works professionally and pleasantly with each school’s administrators to coordinate each child’s placement.  We all work together to accomplish the goal of finding a way to help each child grow and learn by doing WHATEVER IT TAKES!

NHA Forms Partnerships With Local School Districts & Parents to Meet the Needs of Area Youth.