Does Pop Culture Deserve Serious Study?

  In the article Does Pop Culture Deserve Serious Study? by Holly Epstein Ojalva, many questions are raised about reality television shows and other forms of pop culture. Ojalva talks mostly about the reality television show Jersey Shore. Many people wonder what the point of reality television is; if it’s just for fun or if there’s a deeper meaning to it. Some reality shows might be actors and not real situations, but some are real situations with real people in them. Reality shows should be critiqued and analyzed because even though they are dramatic and may seem like they are not real, studying the behaviors and the people in the shows could actually help psychologists learn about those people’s’ behaviors. For example, Ojalva mentions in the article on Jersey Shore, when a new person was added mid-way through the show how the dynamic changes of the show. Once the new girl was added to the show, many things changed, which would be a good thing to be studied because similar situations could happen in real life. All forms do deserve to be studied at least a little bit because we can all get some information about our culture from doing so.

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