Unique Private School in Doylestown and Yardley, PA

Students at a private school in Yardley, PANEW HOPE ACADEMY promotes education through motivation by working with the head and the heart before working with the brain. By encouraging mindset changes until the possibilities for each student’s growth and learning are unlimited, NHA inspires students of all ages to reach their full potential by igniting passion, teaching strategies, and structuring practice. For over 35 years, we have helped to establish a foundation for excellence in our students to encourage a lifetime of achievement.

NEW HOPE ACADEMY is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and personal success in a setting designed to allow the student to feel the relaxed atmosphere of a home, the stimulating environment of a plaDoylestown Art Roomce of learning, and the respectful climate required in a place of business. Thus, our facility is a unique blend of home, school, and office. This nurturing environment feeds the soul and educates the mind, because within the safety of our walls students make the choice to learn and grow.

NEW HOPE ACADEMY provides an environment for students to learn in an individualized setting, without the external distractions of peer pressure, teacher confrontation, or behavior problems. Time for appropriate social interaction, however, is provided through interactive projects and activities revolving around content courses. NHA blends state of the art curriculum with cooperative learning, state of the art technology, hands-on application, and other developmentally appropriate practices.