The Education Show

As founder and president of Motivational Educational Training Company, Inc. and New Hope Academy, Kathy Gana has appeared on television and spoken on talk radio over the past three decades.  Each Saturday Kathy can be heard at 4pm (time may vary) on WPHT 1210 AM during “The Educational Hour” with Dom Giordano.  She shares successful student strategies with parents and educators.  Her energizing spirit, cutting-edge educational model, and innovative teaching philosophies have made Kathy a highly sought-after speaker and trainer.
Have a listen to the show below:
This week on the Education Show, Dom talked with Howie Kurtz on his book ‘Media Madness” He is our next Speaker Series guest on April 16th, tickets available at Then, the First Lady In Education, Kathy Gana, joined with her tips of the week.