Special Needs, and Individualized Education Experts in Yardley, PA

A student taking part in our gifted education services in Yardley, PANew Hope Academy provides individualized education, not only for students with documented Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), but for all of our students. Each student progresses at his or her own pace, yet collectively they are challenged to stretch beyond their comfort levels and achieve beyond their expectations.

New Hope Academy was established to give each student the opportunity and capability for success. NHA specializes in motivating and educating school-phobic students, at-risk teens, those with IEPs who need additional help, and students who just feel that they do not “fit” in their schools. NHA provides the least restrictive learning environment for students who do not thrive in the traditional high school or the traditional “alternative” schools. NHA works with the low-achieving meeting each student at his or her level and proceeding from there. Students who had previously not succeeded find hope – new hope that they will be able to grow and meet our high expectations. Students with IEPs are placed in appropriate academic level classes, supported by our certified Special Education Department staff, and given the necessary resources to achieve the goals described by state standards and the students’ IEPs.


NHA Team BuildingNew Hope Academy is committed to working pleasantly and professionally with parents, students and appropriate school administrators to assure each student’s proper academic placement. We partner with school districts to place students in our school; in addition, we also accept students whose parents would like to place them here privately. We meet students where they are and give them second, third and fourth chances to achieve their goals. Working together, we help each child to learn, grow and succeed.