Holiday Feast

On Monday, December 22, New Hope Academy’s students and staff once again gathered at the Yardley campus for the annual Holiday Feast. This event serves as the capstone to the holiday season, affording all in attendance the opportunity to celebrate the special time of year. Many came dressed for the occasion, wearing Santa hats, holiday ties, and festive clothing. Before the luncheon, students and staff shared stories of holiday traditions and annual events. One student described their family’s Christmas Eve tradition, which includes everyone opening one small gift around the tree. Another explained the importance of lighting the family’s menorah for Hanukkah. Others shared predictions of what the upcoming Winter Break would encompass: food, presents, and lots and lots of sleep! Finally, it was time to eat, and the students, all of whom donned aprons, eagerly served the teachers and staff their lunch, which consisted of fresh hoagies, side salads, chips, and an array of desserts. Afterward, students enjoyed an afternoon of “Coffee House,” an NHA tradition that allows students time to socialize and relax. In the Family Room, many sat and enjoyed the movie “Elf”; others played games with friends, made cards in the Art Room, practiced their woodworking, or hung out and talked. It was a successful send-off to the upcoming Break and a great way to celebrate the holiday season!

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