Halloween @ NHA

The boys and ghouls of New Hope Academy celebrated Halloween in true ghostly fashion on Friday, October 31. The students and staff marked the day by arriving to school dressed in a wide range of costumes – there were superheroes, Jedis, hippies, and plenty of undead. At a co-campus celebration, cash prizes were awarded to the students whose costumes were a cut above the rest. Among the winners were Stephanie Garafolo, who had the crowd saying, “Oh, deer!”; Messiah Smith, who, as a shadow chaser, deservedly won “Scariest Costume”; Sarah Zbarsky, who dressed as a sheep; Anthony Martella, who cracked the crowd up as a Wal-Mart employee; Katelynn Wiltsey, who won “Prettiest Costume” as Little Red Riding Hood; Reece Danzis, who lived up to her name and dressed as a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup; and Bailey Garrison-Kline and Aine Dalton, who won “Best Couple” as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Even the teachers shared in the fun! A group of teachers from both campuses dressed as various characters from “Harry Potter” and music teachers Chris Cinalli and Cameron Stahl delighted the students by dressing as each other. Combined with free candy, a stellar bake sale courtesy of the Prom Committee, and a special treat for all who dressed in costume, it was a frightfully enjoyable day for all!

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