Holiday Feast

The morning of December 22nd, students put on aprons to begin to serve the staff for the Holiday Feast. Dave Kennedy, our school director, spoke about traditions that take place during the holiday season and talked about some of his own. Staff also had the chance to speak about their own holiday traditions. After some staff shared their traditions, Dave called upon students to discuss what their holiday traditions were and handed out dollars to each individual who had the bravery to speak, a common way of encouraging students here at New Hope Academy.

Dave Kennedy standing next to a student talking about their holiday traditions

Once everyone had the chance to share their holiday traditions, students proceeded to serve the staff with drinks, hoagies, and desserts. Unlike at the Thanksgiving feast where staff served us, it was our time to show our gratitude towards them and be at their service. Turkey, ham, and Italian were among the hoagie choices and each platter had chips to go along with the meal as well.

One of the teachers serving food to the students to give to the teachers

Overall the day was a very enjoyable experience and a great way to send us into the holiday break.

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