NHA Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day – 2015


March 17, 2015 was a magical day as New Hope Academy celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at the Yardley campus. Festooned in green, surrounded by shamrocks, and Irish for at least 24 hours, students and staff members from both campuses were treated to the talents of a magician, an NHA-St. Patrick’s day tradition.
This year, attendees were lucky enough to be entertained by the amazing talents of magician Matt Cadabra, who made Phys Ed teacher Mark Beuerle disappear, removed the head of English teacher Caryn Search, introduced everyone to his dummy “Hans”, and regaled the audience with jokes, tricks, gags, and balloon hats and sculpture. He even brought out his rabbit, Mr. Pebbles, who he “flattened” through a magic press but amazingly reshaped!

After the show, NHA president Kathy Rosso-Gana talked about the magic in all of our lives and the need to recognize it; some audience members shared instances, encounters, and experiences detailing the discovery of the magic in their own lives. Later, after enjoying a delicious pizza lunch and savoring some sweet treats sold by the dedicated Prom Committee, students were able to relax, hang out, and socialize. Some students had a jam-session in the music room, some danced in the yoga room, and some played board games, hung out in the computer lab, or enjoyed a movie shown in the Family Room. It was truly a day of luck, magic, and fun!



Come see the rest of the photos at the New Hope Academy Flickr page.

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