NHA Valentine’s Day – 2015

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Love was in the air on the very lucky Friday, February 13, 2015 at New Hope Academy’s annual Valentine’s Day celebration. The festivities began around 11:00, when Doylestown students and staff arrived at the Yardley campus. After gathering together in the Family Room, NHA president Kathy Rosso-Gana led everyone in a discussion about expressing love, particularly when in involves family. The question was posed: how do your parents show you they love you? Students offered various comments; one student said he knows his parents love him because they accept him for who he is. Another said his parents love him because they keep him well fed! Still another student said she knows she is loved by the support her parents give her on a daily basis.


By then, it was lunch time and everyone had the opportunity to purchase a few slices of pizza and support the Prom Committee in their fundraising efforts by buying a delicious baked good. But the fun didn’t end there; previously purchased candy bags and carnations, an NHA tradition, were then distributed to everyone; some were sent from friend to friend, some sent from teacher to student, and some were sent by secret admirers. Later, the students spent the afternoon in “Coffee House,” where they could hang out in the Art Room, pick up an instrument in the Music Room, or talk with their friends in the Family Room. By the end of the day, everyone could certainly “feel the love”!


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