Valentine’s Day at NHA

New Hope Academy helped spread the love this Valentine’s Day at its annual round table assembly. Students and staff from both campuses gathered together at Yardley to celebrate the holiday.

After meeting in the Family Room, NHA president Kathy Rosso-Gana posed a question to the audience: if money was no object, how would you spread love in the world? Many students were eager to share their responses. Answers ranged from housing the homeless to opening more animal shelters to creating more schools like NHA.

In keeping with tradition, the Prom Committee held its bake sale, where they sold cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, and brownies, as well items like Valentine’s Day wreaths and garland.

But the fun didn’t end there; previously purchased candy bags and carnations, an NHA tradition, were then distributed. Some were sent from friend to friend, some sent from teacher to student, and some were sent by secret admirers. For lunch, the students enjoyed pizza, soda, and lots of candy! The students then spent the rest of afternoon in “Coffee House,” where they could enjoy down time with friends. Some watched a movie or jammed in the music room, while others sketched in art or played Valentine’s Day-themed word games. It was a day where everyone was reminded of a very important lesson – all you need is love!


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