Mrs. Branchek

Eric has been here three or four years, and prior to that he had been out of district for four or five years and we had been to various therapeutic schools to supposedly help him with his social and emotional challenges.  And for one reason or another they didn’t work out.  So by pure accident I found out about new hope and we visited here and it was interesting when I walked into the door and there’s a fish tank and it just felt comfortable.  And Eric felt the same way and it was really interesting.  I was going to say something and I can’t think what it was.  Oh I know.  The big thing for me that I think sets this school different than the other therapeutic schools, and therapeutic you would expect to be able to individualize more, but they would, this was what they expected the child to do.  And if your child didn’t do that then there would be problems. And many times I heard “Eric would do really well here if only he would (whatever)”.  And here it’s different, Eric is here and you will gently guide him in the direction he needs to go and I think that allows him to feel comfortable and to be successful.  And I’m just amazed you know each year we think about it and how much he’s grown here.


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