Holiday Feast 2018


On Thursday, December 20, New Hope Academy’s students and staff gathered together at the Yardley campus for the annual Holiday Feast. This event serves as the capstone to the holiday season, enabling all in attendance the opportunity to celebrate the special time of year. Before the luncheon, students and staff shared stories of holiday traditions, which ranged from decorating the Christmas tree to lighting the menorah to excitedly opening presents. There was even some singing of Christmas carols! Then, it was time to eat and the students, all of whom donned aprons, eagerly served the teachers and staff their food, which consisted of fresh hoagies, side salads, pickles, and a variety of desserts. Afterward, students enjoyed an afternoon of “Coffee House,” an NHA tradition that allows students time to socialize and relax. Some played chess and board games while others jammed in the music room, made cards in the art room, practiced their dance moves, or simply hung out and talked. The holiday classic “Elf” was shown in the family room, much to the delight of many students (and teachers, too!). Some students and teachers braved the rainy weather for the “Hoagie Bowl,” a football game organized by phys ed teacher Mark Beuerle. It was a successful send-off to the upcoming break and a great way to celebrate the holiday season!

2018 Holiday Feast


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