Valentine’s Day 2022

Love was in the air on Monday, February 14, 2022 at the Valentine’s Day celebrations at New Hope Academy’s Yardley and Doylestown campuses. In keeping with tradition, the Prom Committee held its bake sale, where they sold cupcakes, homemade Oreos, and brownies. Previously-purchased candy bags and carnations, an NHA tradition, were then distributed. Some were sent from friend to friend, some sent from teacher to student, and some were sent by secret admirers. Then, all attendees participated in a series of Bingo games, where the lucky winners received fabulous Valentine’s Day prizes. For lunch, the students enjoyed pizza, soda, and lots and lots of candy! The students then spent the rest of the afternoon in “Coffee House,” where they could enjoy down time with friends. Some watched the movie “Mamma Mia!”, which will be the upcoming spring musical. Others played cards, worked on a puzzle, or just hung out with their friends. It was a day where everyone was reminded of a very important lesson – all you need is love!




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