2019 New York Trip

New Hope Academy students and staff took a bite out of the Big Apple on Wednesday, December 11, for the annual field trip to New York City. After meeting at the Yardley campus at 8:00 am, everyone boarded two Starr buses and took to the open road. Our first stop upon our 10:00 arrival was a visit to the snow-scattered streets of Columbus Circle, located at Central Park. There, everyone could walk around the Holiday Market and check out the kiosks, where vendors were selling items ranging from silver jewelry and wool scarves to Christmas tree ornaments and socks. There were also some delicacies from which to choose, ranging from the always popular hot chocolate to truffles and crepes to authentic New York hot dogs. At 11:15, we re-boarded the buses and headed over to 42nd Street, where we ate lunch at Dave and Buster’s. After lunch, students had time to play games at the enormous arcade. After over an hour of intense competition, students cashed in their “tickets,” taking home prizes that ranged from candy to shark puppets to oversized stuffed animals. At promptly 1:30, it was time to head over to Broadway for the day’s main attraction – a performance of the raucous musical “Beetlejuice”! The play tells the story of a recently deceased couple who turn to a devilish demon to drive away the new tenants of their beloved home, but end up befriending a young girl who is mourning the death of her mother. After a standing ovation, we left the theater and walked a few blocks to Rockefeller Center, where we saw the famous Christmas tree, watched the ice skaters, did some shopping, and got some dinner. Before we knew it, 6:30 arrived and it was time to board the buses for the trip home. Once again, the day proved to be spectacular, one that will not be forgotten!


2019 NY Trip

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