Gettysburg Trip 2021

On October 22nd, 2021, students from US History one and two traveled West to Gettysburg, PA to experience history in real time. They started the day in the town center at the Blue and Gray Bar and Grill for lunch before driving to Devil’s Den. There the students studied war strategies like line formations and learned about the specific events and people that turned the tide of the war. The students also went to Gettysburg National Military Park Museum where they watched “A New Birth of Freedom,” a presentation that explained Gettysburg’s role in the American Civil War. The last stop of the day was the Battle of Gettysburg Cyclorama painting. Painted by hand by Paul Philippoteaux, this painting, measuring 377 feet in circumference and 42 feet long took over a year to complete and gave the students an immersive experience into Pickett’s Charge. Overall it was a beautiful day to be outside and learn about Pennsylvania’s rich history!
Gettysburg 2021

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