Peddlers Village Trip 2023

On October 17, 2023, art students at both NHA’s Yardley and Doylestown campuses took a trip to Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA. Students and staff were able to enjoy a fun, relaxed day in beautiful weather while shopping and looking at various scarecrows submitted for their annual scarecrow competition. For Yardley students, the day started at 9:30 where students and staff headed to Doylestown. After a swift tour of the Doylestown campus for Yardley students who had never seen it before, the whole group took a walk to Villa Capri to get a bite to eat. While the main course was pizza, students were welcome to order any extra food with their own money, like garlic knots or pasta. The atmosphere, food, and experience of Villa Capri was certainly worth the walk. After adequate time feasting, the group headed back to their respective vans to be transported to Peddler’s Village. Some students took immediate interest in The Lahaska Bookshop, but most students’ first stop was The Cloak and Wand, a mystical gift shop and cafe. The Cloak and Wand featured merchandise from all kinds of mythical aspects; fairies, mermaids, the occult, etc, as well as tons of fantasy-inspired drinks, as well as customizable options to make your own. No matter what store students chose, the main event for all was checking out all of the eccentric scarecrows on the way. The variety of different scarecrows was abundant; scarecrows resembling animals, scary creatures, TV characters, and basically anything else you could think of were present. At around 2:00pm, all the students gathered at a toy store to meet up and then headed back to their respective campuses. Overall, the trip to Peddler’s Village was a huge success, and was a joyous time all around for every student to relax in the ambience of good art.
Written by: Ana Torres (NHA Class of ‘26)

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