Rock Climbing Trip

Students and teachers from New Hope Academy Yardley went to the Doylestown Rock Gym on January 12th, 2015. All of the rocks were in different shapes and colors; some were big and small. Rocks are color coded according to the designed path you are supposed to climb. There were nine NHA students that attended. The supervising teaching staff that came along included Mr. Beuerle, Mrs. Search, and Mr. Perry. Each student paid twenty dollars for five assisted climbs. Mr. Beurle reaching the top of a wall after climbing After everyone was done climbing, students and staff purchased lunch from Wawa, across the street from the Doylestown campus where they settled down to eat. Finally after a great lunch everyone piled back in the van and returned to the Yardley campus around 2:00 P.M., just in time for fifth period. I believe everyone had and energetic and outgoing time. We were definitely all sore following our trip to the rock gym, but the pain was nothing compared to the experience. Overall the trip was a big success and Mr. Beuerle deserves all the credit for organizing this fun and outgoing trip.

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