Rock Climbing Trip – 2017

Eight students and two teachers from the Yardley campus of New Hope Academy visited the Doylestown Rock Gym in Doylestown, PA, on Wednesday, November 15. Upon arrival, the climbers were given harnesses to wear that attached to the ropes. After a brief intro and tutorial, the climbers were instructed to climb from side-to-side a 4-foot section of the wall that wrapped around half of the gym. When that was mastered, everyone could begin climbing! The gym employees secured the climber to the rope and belayed, or held the rope, while the climber scaled the wall. Participants were allowed 5 climbs to the ceiling, which was no easy feat, as sore muscles and capped hands were felt by most! A constant chorus of encouragement and praise could be heard from the people cheering on whoever was climbing at any given time. Afterward, lunch was enjoyed at NHA’s Doylestown campus. It was a challenging, yet fulfilling, experience for all who participated!


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