NHA Presents “The Sound of Music”

One sure sign of Spring is the budding of high school musicals, and New Hope Academy’s “The Sound of Music” was one of the best! Riding the coat-tails of the movie’s 50th anniversary, NHA brought the timeless classic alive at the Yardley Community Centre on May 1st and 2nd. The infectious melodies, and catchy rhythms of this seminal Rogers & Hammerstein work were on everyone’s lips as they exited the theater – the “HALLS” were alive!

The Singing Family NHA's The Sound of MusicMaria in NHA's The Sound of MusicThe Captain in NHA's The Sound of MusicThe Childern in NHA's The Sound of Music

New Hope Academy is a private school in Bucks County that serves over 30 districts, while devoting a high level of respect for the arts, and the joy that it brings to our children. Students enjoy music, art, chess, 3D animation, woodcarving, electronics and digital photography in addition to their core academic subjects. Founder and president, Kathleen Rosso-Gana maintains that the life skills learned from theater are as valuable as any of the lessons we teach at the school. Cast members learn discipline, confidence, ethics, and respect while they form lasting friendships with their fellow actors and crew-mates, and have a BALL doing it! Until next year, we bid adieu … to you, and you and you!

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