Statement from NHA

As New Hope Academy stands firmly to the idea of inclusivity, there is a civil movement that we must address. America was founded on the ideals of integration and cultural diffusion. Americans are hurt and in pain because of the mis-treatment of our fellow African-Americans. We are aware that our system is broken, and it must be fixed. We have to break the chains of bondage and raise our voices in unity — that no race is superior to the other. It is imperative that we educate ourselves and our children. As we continue to move forward in these difficult times, we must find a way to love one another, include one another, and see one another as part of the same human race. NHA prides itself on our school’s motto, ‘Head and Heart Before the Brain’. Perhaps, we must accept racial equality within our heads and hearts before we can accept it within our brains. This is the ultimate struggle, and it will be won on the field of the heart. It is our hearts that unlock our voices to shout out, black lives matter. Someday we will shout, all lives matter. Every person on this earth is here for a direct purpose, and we have no right to disrespect or disregard one another simply because of skin color. NHA is the great school it is, not only because of our academic success, but also because of the fact that we, as educators at New Hope Academy, made a choice to love each other and love each child. We don’t have to always like each other, but we do have to always love each other. So the solution to many of the problems with achieving racial equality begins with love for ourselves and others. If we choose love, then we choose life. Love is the ultimate goal.
Kathy Rosso-Gana Founder & Head of School, New Hope Academy
Ebony Crosdale English Teacher, New Hope Academy

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