Science Olympiad 2015

905734_862669067132970_8443888967703869997_oStarting last November (2014) ten students from New Hope Academy (Yardley Campus) had been preparing from the annual Science Olympiad held at Neumann University. Events at the competition ranged from fabrication of various instruments and structures, completed before the competition, that would perform a variety of tasks (i.e. bridge building, bungee drops, and air cannons) to those that required studying for various tests about fossils, chemistry, entomology, and biology. The ten students worked every week on Wednesdays during lunch and various other afternoons for four months and decided to compete in a total of 7 events (Bridge Building, Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Biology, Chemistry Lab, Entomology, Fossils, and Write it Do it). Out of all 32 schools in the competition, bridge building was our highest placement at 6th with cell biology and chemistry finishing 11th and 10th respectively. Overall, New Hope Academy was in the top half of all high schools that attended for the competitions we participated in. The coaches, Jack Alvino and Bob Woerner, would like to thank our students for all their effort and hard work they put in over the past months and look forward to
improving our scores next year!

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