Thanksgiving 2022

On November 20, New Hope Academy’s students and staff gathered for the annual Thanksgiving Day Feast, which serves as the unofficial kick-off to the upcoming holiday season. Attendees shared examples of gratitude and Thanksgiving Day traditions, which included spending time with family and watching football and holiday movies. Students were served a traditional Thanksgiving mea...
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The Crucible

New Hope Academy presented Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” on November 18 and 19 at the Yardley Community Centre in Yardley, PA. The talented cast and crew performed the classic drama, which tells the story of the Salem Witch Trials. The NHA Drama department would like to thank everyone involved in the production, as well as the dedicated family, friends, and faculty who attende...
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NHA Presents Up the Down Staircase

Cast of Up The Down Staircase
Riiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg ... Went the final school bell on New Hope Academy's closing production of UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE this past Saturday night at the Yardley Community Center.     16 student actors, and 5 musicians and tech crew members wrapped the comedic performance in front of an enthusiastic audience made up of parents, family, teachers, friends and NHA alumnae.           ...
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Parents Night Out – Sept 2015

Round Table
New Hope Academy hosted its first Parents’ Night on Tuesday, September 28 from 7 pm-10 pm. Held at the Yardley campus, the parents and guardians of NHA students had the opportunity to meet the staff, mingle with other parents, and gather some information on how the school year is progressing. The event was catered entirely by the NHA staff; dinner included delicious homemad...
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