2019 Ski Trip

On Friday, February 22nd, 2019, students and staff from New Hope Academy hit the slopes for its annual ski trip to Blue Mountain, located in Palmerton, PA. After traveling through the Pocono Mountains and arriving to the resort, the group split up: some went skiing, some snowboarded. NHA Yardley director Dave Kennedy stayed back in the lodge, where he kept a watchful eye on students’ belongings and served as greeter for those who had had enough of the winter weather. Soon it was lunchtime, which meant everyone on the trip gathered in the lodge to refuel and recharge. When lunch was finished, it was back to the mountains to enjoy a few more hours of winter sports. By 4:00, the group was on its way home, exhausted from the many hours of activity, but also energized by a day filled with friends, freezing temperatures, and lots of fun.

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