Ice Skating Trip – Flyer’s Skate Zone

Monday March 30th saw New Hope Academy students engage in a classic winter activity, ice-skating at the Flyers Skate Zone in Northeast Philadelphia. Warm enough out to enjoy the springtime temperatures, students returned to the cold conditions of winter by entering the rink. Students and staff donned either figure or hockey skates and had the opportunity to enjoy the entire rink without the nuisances of a public skate. Both novices and those accustomed to skating were free to fool around, practice, and relish in the opportunity given. Music blasted among the arena for everyone to enjoy as well. Racing and playing out hockey fantasies were among the fun activities of the day.


Phys Ed teacher Mark Beuerle and English teacher Ed Stuart accompanied ten students on the trip. After everyone worked up an appetite after about an hour of skating, a plethora of delicious snacks, drinks, and lunch meals awaited at the snack bar. Rounding out the day, everyone engaged in another hour of free skate before it was time to head back to NHA in time for dismissal. Overall, it was a gratifying day where those in attendance enjoyed a wintertime activity amid the welcoming warming days of spring.




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