Thanksgiving Day Feast

NHA Thanksgiving Day Feast Turkey Cupcakes
On Tuesday, November 24, New Hope Academy’s students and staff gathered together at the Yardley campus for the annual Thanksgiving Day Feast. The event, which serves as the kick-off to the upcoming holiday season, was once again centered on tradition. Before the luncheon, NHA Directors Dave Kennedy and Chad Giaccio asked students and staff to share their personal Thanksgiving D...
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NHA Presents Up the Down Staircase

Cast of Up The Down Staircase
Riiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg ... Went the final school bell on New Hope Academy's closing production of UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE this past Saturday night at the Yardley Community Center.     16 student actors, and 5 musicians and tech crew members wrapped the comedic performance in front of an enthusiastic audience made up of parents, family, teachers, friends and NHA alumnae.           ...
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“Up the Down Staircase” Cast Trip- 2015

BY: BENJAMIN KIM On November 10th 2015 New Hope Academy’s cast of Up the Down Staircase visited the Walnut Street Theater for a tour and acting workshop. The day was beautiful and the ride to the theater held much anticipation for what the day held for us. Upon arrival at the theater, we took a tour. We met our tour guide Ashley, who showed us the ins and out. During our tour w...
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Halloween Party 2015

By Alexa MartiniOn October 30th New Hope Academy students gathered to celebrate Halloween. As students arrived in the morning, excitement and energy filled the room. Everyone was ready for the fun day ahead. There were costumes of all kinds, both from students and teachers. There were students dressed up as different characters from movies, animals, and many other things. Teach...
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